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Antonio Estache
Avenue Roosevelt, 50
CP 114/04
1050 Brussels
Phone #: +32 2 650 43 25
Office: R42-6-216
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Main Field: Political Economics and Collective Decisions
Second Field: Environmental Economics

has a PhD in Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Until end of 2007 he was Chief Economist of the Sustainable Development Network of the World Bank where he worked for 25 years. He joined ECARES full time as the beneficiary of the Bernard Van Ommeslaghe Chair on January 1, 2008. He is also associated with the CEPR in London. He currently teaches Regulatory Economics,  Buusiness Economics, Cost-Benefit Analysis,  Project Finance and Public Economics and Policy.

Selected Works:
1. "The scope and limits of accoutning and judicial courts intervention in inefficient procurement" (2018), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 157, 95-106 (with R. Foucart)
2. "Institutions for Infrastructure in Developing Countries: What we know and the lot we don't know" (2018), in F. Bourguignon et al. Frontiers in Development Economics, OUP
3. "Efficiency measures in regulated industries: History, Outstanding Challenges and Emerging Solutions" (2018)  in E. Grifell-Tatje et al.,  Handbook of Productivity and Efficiency Measures (OUP L. Cherchye, B. De Rock and M. Verschelde)
4. "Shared Mandates, Moral Hazard and Political (Mis)alignment in a Decentralized Economy”,  (2016), World Development, Vol 83,  98-110 (with G. Garsous and R. Seroa da Motta)
5. "Financing infrastructure in developing countries" (2015), Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 32 (3-4), 279-304 (with T. Serebrisky and L. Wren-Lewis)
6. Infrastructure and Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa (2014), Palgrave-Mac-Millan, New York (with Q. Wodon)
7. (How (un)even was the distribution of the impacts of Mali’s water privatization across stakeholders?” (2013), Journal of Development Studies, Volume 49 (4), April,  483-499(with E. Grifell-Tatjé)
8. "The Economics of Infrastructure Procurement: Theory and Evidence" (2011), CEPR, London (with A. Iimi)
9.  “Bidder Asymmetry in Infrastructure Procurement: Are There any Fringe Bidders?”, (2010) Review of Industrial Organization (with A. Iimi), Vol 35, 136-187
10. “Towards a Theory of Regulation for Developing Countries: Following Jean-Jacques Laffont’s Lead”, (With L. Wren-Lewis), Journal of Economic Literature, (2009), September 47(3)  792-770
11.  Stiuck in the Middle: Is Fiscal Policy Failing the Middle Class?,  (2009) co-edited with D. Leipziger, Brookings,
12. "Universal Service Obligations in LDCs: The Effect of Uniform Pricing on Infrastructure Access", (2006), Journal of Public Economics, Vol 90 (6-7), 1155-1179 (with J.J. Laffont & X. Zhang).

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Current Affiliations: ECARES

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