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Main Field: Development Economics
Second Field: Political Economics and Collective Decisions
Gani Aldashev is Professor of Economics at the Université libre de Bruxelles, a member of the European Center for Advanced Research in Economics and Statistics (ECARES) and research affiliate of the Centre for Research in the Economics of Development (CRED) at the University of Namur.
He received B.A. in International Economics from the American University of Paris, and M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Bocconi University (Milan). His main research interests are in development economics, political economics, and economic history.
Selected Works:
“When NGOs Go Global: Competition on International Markets for Development Donations” (with T. Verdier), Journal of International Economics, 2009, 79(2): 198-210.
“Goodwill Bazaar: NGO Competition and Giving to Development” (with T. Verdier), Journal of Development Economics, 2010, 91(1): 48-63.
“Political Information Acquisition for Social Exchange”, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, 2010, 5(1): 1-25 (lead article).
“Legal Reform in the Presence of a Living Custom: An Economic Approach” (with J-Ph Platteau and Z. Wahhaj), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, 2011, 108(S4): 21320-21325.
“Follies Subdued: Informational Efficiency under Adaptive Expectations and Confirmatory Bias” (with T. Carletti and S. Righi), Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2011, 80(1): 110-121.
“Using the Law to Change the Custom” (with J-Ph Platteau, I. Chaara, and Z. Wahhaj), Journal of Development Economics, 2012, 97(2): 182–200.
“Modern Law as a Magnet to Reform Unfair Customs” (with J-Ph Platteau, I. Chaara, and Z. Wahhaj), Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2012, 60(4): 795-828.
“Deadly anchor: Gender bias under Russian colonization of Kazakhstan” (with C. Guirkinger), Explorations in Economic History, 2012, 49(4): 399-422.
“Religion, Culture, and Development” (with J.-Ph. Platteau), in Handbook of the Economics of Art and Culture, vol.2, eds. V. Ginsburgh and D. Throsby, Elsevier, 2014, pp. 587-631.
“Brothers in Alms? Coordination between Nonprofits on Markets for Charitable Giving” (with M. Marini and T. Verdier), Journal of Public Economics, 2014, 117(1): 182-200.
“Watchdogs of the Invisible Hand: NGO Monitoring and Industry Equilibrium” (with T. Verdier and M. Limardi), Journal of Development Economics, 2015, 116(1): 28–42.
“Voter Turnout and Political Rents”, Journal of Public Economic Theory (Special Issue on Governance and Political Economy), 2015, 17(4): 528-552.
“Clans and Ploughs: Traditional institutions and the production decisions of Kazakhs under Russian colonization” (with C. Guirkinger), Journal of Economic History, 2016, 76(1): 76-108.
“Colonization and changing social structure: Evidence from Kazakhstan” (with C. Guirkinger), Journal of Development Economics, special issue on “Economic History and Development”, 2017, 127(1): 413-430.
“Endogenous Enforcement Institutions” (with G. Zanarone), Journal of Development Economics, 2017, 128(1): 49–64.

“Assignment Procedure Biases in Randomized Policy Experiments” (with G. Kirchsteiger and A. Sebald), Economic Journal, 2017, 127(1): 873–895.

“Invalid Ballots and Electoral Competition” (with G. Mastrobuoni), Political Science: Research and Methods, forthcoming.

“Small is Beautiful: Motivational Misallocation in the Nonprofit Sector” (with E. Jaimovich and T. Verdier), Journal of European Economic Association, forthcoming.
Development Policies
Topics in International Trade and Sustainable Development
Research Methods
Political Economics 
Current Affiliations:
ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles
CRED, University of Namur

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