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Anousheh ALAMIR
Anousheh ALAMIR
Phone #: +32 2 650 3860
Office: H4.151
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Main Field: Development Economics
Second Field: Political Economics and Collective Decisions
Selected Works:
Working Paper
  • "The Global Economic Burden of Violent Conflict" with Carlos Bozzoli, Tilman Brück and Olaf J. De Groot [ECARES Working Papers 2018-35]
Work in Progress
  • "Effects of federal supervision on education: Learnings from the Mexican War on Drugs" with Tillmann Heidelk
Academic Year 2017/18 & 2018/19
  • Mathématique générale - analyse (ECON1) - Prof. Marjorie Gassner
  • Analysis of Contemporary Economic Issues (ECON2) - Prof. Jean-Pierre De Laet
  • Eléments de Statistique (POLI/SHUM/SOCA1) - Prof. Catherine Vermandele
Academic Year 2016/17
  • Introduction à la macroéconomie (INGE1) - Prof. Mathias Dewatripont/Christophe Soil
PhD Advisor: Paula Gobbi
Gani Aldashev
PhD Subject and Resume:
The economic cost of conflict

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