ECARES became a partner of CEPR

January 22 2019

ECARES is from now on the regional HUB of Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR)

It is a network that brings together academics and policy makers. This news was announced at the workshop to celebrate the 35th anniversary of CEPR.

The CEPR was founded in 1983 to enhance the quality of economic policy-making within Europe and beyond, by fostering high quality, policy-relevant economic research, and disseminating it widely to decision-makers in the public and private sectors. Today, CEPR’s network of Research Fellows and Affiliates includes over 1,000 of the top economists conducting research on issues affecting the European economy. Researchers are based in their home institutions (universities, research institutes, central bank research departments, and international organisations), and collaborate through the Centre in the pursuit of policy-relevant economic research and dissemination activities.

CEPR organises approximately 80 meetings a year, and produces over 700 discussion papers, reports and books. The headquarters of CEPR are based in London and until now London was also the main place to organise the meetings. From 2019 onwards, CEPR will organise together with ECARES several dissemination meetings in Brussels.

Latest News

Worker Protection: Reopening the World’s Economies in the Presence of COVID-19

18 May 2020

As economies across the world begin to reopen in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that the physical, mental, and economic safety of workers be the priority. The focus of this panel discussion will be to address a variety of key challenges that employers and governments confront as the workforce returns.

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Learning from the Curve

15 April 2020

Students and researchers at ECARES team up to better understand COVID-19 and its economic implications: here  Daily updated numbers and insights.

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Newspaper articles related to the Corona crisis

30 March 2020

Some interviews on the covid-19 crisis in Belgian press.

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